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Workbook for Dental Radiography


Author: Joen IannucciLaura Howerton

Publisher: Saunders

Publish Date: 24th June 2016

ISBN-13: 97803232975309780323297509

Pages: 496

Language: English



Introducing the essential companion for dental imaging success! Dental Radiography: A Workbook and Laboratory Manual is a concise, comprehensive solution for both dental assisting and dental hygiene students. Joen Iannucci and Laura Jansen Howerton have written this exciting new resource as the perfect companion to the bestselling Dental Radiography: Principles and Techniques text. This unique hybrid product is organized into two distinct sections — (1) a student workbook with review questions and activities that reinforce core knowledge and (2) a laboratory manual with step-by-step instructions and competency evaluations for essential hands-on skills.. Combined with the bestselling textbook, the content review exercises and laboratory procedures help you link theory and technique to promote the mastery of clinical skills necessary for professional practice success.

Table of Contents

SECTION I: WORKBOOKModule 1  Radiation Basics (correlates to text Chapters 1-5)Module 2  Equipment, Film, and Processing Basics (correlates to text Chapters 6-10)Module 3  Dental Radiographer Basics and Technique Introduction (correlates to text Chapters 11-17)Module 4  Technique Basics (correlates to text Chapters 18-2)Module 5  Digital Imaging and Normal Anatomy Basics (correlates to text Chapters 24-27)Module 6  Normal Anatomy, Film Mounting, and Interpretation Bascis (correlates to text Chapters 28-31)Module 7  Interpretation Basics (correlates to text Chapters 32-35) SECTION II: LABORATORY MANUALPart I: Introduction to the Radiology ClinicModule 1  Use of Ionizing RadiationModule 2  Infection Control in the Radiation ClinicModule 3  Equipment Used in the Radiology Clinic Part II: Technique Experiences with Teaching ManikinModule 4  Biscecting TechniqueModule 5  Bite-Wing Technique with TabsModule 6  Paralleling TechniqueModule 7  Competencies Part III: Technique Experiences with PeerModule 8  Peer Patient PracticeModule 9  CompetencyModule 10  Panoramic TechniqueModule 11  Competency