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Water-Based Paint Formulations, Vol. 4


Author: Ernest W. Flick

Publisher: William Andrew

Publish Date: 31st December 1998

ISBN-13: 9780815519560

Pages: 267

Language: English



This collection of 232 water-based trade and industrial formulations will be of value to technical and managerial personnel in paint manufacturing companies and firms which supply raw materials or services to these companies, and to those interested in less hazardous, environmentally safer formulations. The book will be useful to both those with extensive experience as well as those new to the field. This book includes new and different formulations than those included in the previous volumes. The data consist of selections of manufacturers’ suggested formulations made at no cost to, nor influence from, the makers or distributors of these materials. The information given is presented as supplied; the manufacturer should be contacted if there are any questions. Only the most recent data supplied us has been included. Any solvent contained is minimal.The table of contents is organized in such a way as to serve as a subject index. The formulations described are divided into sections which cover exterior, interior, and exterior and/or interior water-based paints, enamels, and coatings, as indicated below. Included in the descriptive information for each formulations, where available, the following properties may be listed: viscosity, solids, content, % nonvolatiles, pigment volume concentration, density, pH, spatter, leveling, sag resistance, scrub stability, freeze-thaw stability, ease of application, gloss foaming, cratering, brightness, opacity, water spotting, adhesion to chalk, brush cleanup, reflectance, and sheen.

Table of Contents

Section 1. Coatings and Topcoats Acrylic Emulsion/Urea-Formaldehyde Wood Clearcoat Modification Aliphatic Wood Coating Formulation (Sancure 825/Rhoplex CL-104) Ancamine 2410 High Solids Coating Exhibit 4 ù Starting Formulation Ancamine 2410/Ancamide 500 High Solids Coating Black Single Coat K-Flex XM-4316 PU Dispersion Cured with HMMM Clear Bake Coating Phenolic Clear Bake Coating Clear Bake Coating Phenolic Clear Bake Coating Clear Wood Coating-A & B & C K-Flex UD-320W Modified Direct to Metal Acrylic Latex Coating Starting Point Formulation Low Gloss Vinyl/ABS Topcoat Clear Topcoat for Flexible Substrates Strippable Coating Sample Formulation A Unmodified Strippable Coating Sample Formulation B Lower Adhesion Strippable Coating Formulations Thickened with Ucar Polyphobe Rheology Modifiers Formula C Good Leveling Formula D High Build Strippable Coating for Plastic Substrates Strippable Coating Formulations Topcoat for Prefinished Hardboard Siding Water-Borne Alkyd/Melamine Wood Clearcoat Modification Waterborne Clear High Gloss Topcoat White Gloss Maintenance Topcoat White Gloss Topcoat Wood Topcoat Model Formulations Section 2. Coil Coatings Chromate Coil-Coating Primer Low-Sheen Coil-Coating Topcoat Medium-Gloss Coil-Coating Topcoat Strippable Coil Coating Section 3. Enamels Acrylic Emulsion Enamel-B&C K-Flex UD-320W Modified Synergistic Effects of Combining Nacorr with Anti-Corrosive Pigment in an Air Dry Water Reducible Alkyd Modified Acrylic Enamel Ancamide 2353 Fast Drying White Gloss Enamel Ancamide 2353 Low VOC White Gloss Enamel Cary Gloss White Enamel Clear Enamel (For Maximum Solvent and Abrasion Resistance) Gloss Safety Red Enamel Gloss Safety Yellow Enamel Gloss White Enamel Gloss White Enamel (Maximum Solvent and Abrasion Resistance) Green Air Dry Enamel for Flexible Substrates High-Hiding Eggshell Enamel MacGregor Gloss Black Enamel Pinehurst Gloss Green Enamel Self-Priming Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel Exterior Maintenance-Type Coating Semigloss Enamel Southern Pines Gloss White Enamel Spensol L54 Orange Enamel Waterborne Black Enamel Based on Epotuf 37-143/37-680 (Formula No. 3019-28A) Waterborne Blue Enamel Based on Epotuf 37-143/37-680 (Formula No. 3019-31G) Waterborne Dark Blue Enamel Based on Epotuf 37-143/37-680 (Formula No. 3019-31D) Waterborne Green Enamel Based on Epotuf 37-143/37-680 (Formula No. 3019-31F) Waterborne Orange Enamel Based on Epotuf 37-143/37-680 (Formula 3019-31I) Waterborne Red Enamel Based on Epotuf 37-143/37-680 (Formula No. 3019-31B) Waterborne Red Orange Enamel Based on Epotuf 37-143/37-680 (Formula No. 3019-31E) Waterborne Yellow Epoxy Enamel Based on Epotuf 37-143/37-680 (Formula No. 3019-31C) Whispering Pines Semigloss White Enamel Anquamine 401 1:1 White Gloss Enamel Anquamine 401/Solid Resin Dispersion 2:1 White Gloss Enamel Section 4. Enamels ù Baking Clear Bake Coating Phenolic Clear Bake Coating Clear High Gloss, Baking Finish Blue Metallic Urethane Enamel Experimental Water-Reducible Polyester Gloss White Baking Enamel Using Halox SZP-391 Waterborne Acrylic Bake Enamel Water Reducible Polyester Baking Enamel Spensol L54 White Baking Enamel 2-Component Waterborne System Section 5. Exterior Paints and Related Products Exterior Flat House Paint with ZnO Exterior Gloss White Exterior House Paint Exterior House Paint ù Tint Base Exterior Semigloss Exterior Semigloss Formulation Exterior Tint Base Formulation Exterior Trim Formulation Modified Vinyl Acrylic Paint Exterior Trim Formulation Exterior White Flat House Paint Exterior White Trim House Paint Good Quality White Exterior Flat Paint for Masonry Good Quality White Exterior Flat Paint for Wood Gregson Drive Gloss White High Quality Exterior Semi Gloss Paint High Sheen White House Paint Low VOC Exterior House Paint Quality Exterior Flat Formulation Quality Exterior Flat Paint Quality White Exterior Trim Paint Quality White House Paint with ZnO Urethane Fortified Porch & Deck Enamel Weather Barrier Formulation White Exterior Flat House Paint with Zinc Oxide White Roof Coating Section 6. Interior Paints and Related Products Clear High Gloss Varnish Fast-Dry Sealer Economy Flat Wall Paint Good Quality Interior Flat with