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Water and Related Land Resource Systems


Author: Y. HaimesJ. Kindler

Publisher: Pergamon

Publish Date: 1st January 1980

ISBN-13: 9781483146362

Pages: 536

Language: English



Water and Related Land Resource Systems covers IFAC Symposium that aims to address resource problem, as well as methodologies and procedures for respective solutions. Consists of 60 chapters, the book is organized in sessions according to the technical program of the conference. The book first tackles multiobjective planning in water and land resources, which is followed by acquisition and analysis of surface water quality data. The next part covers hierarchical water resource planning and management models, while the succeeding part is about environmental and ecological aspects of water and land resources. The fifth session discusses the impact of energy development on water and land resources. Session VI covers modeling and systems identification problems in water resources, and Session VII covers acquisition and analysis of hydrologic data. The eighth session tackles ground water and its conjunctive use with surface water, while the next session talks about sedimentation and land management. The tenth session is about multiobjective planning in water and land resources. Predicting and forecasting models in water resources is the topic of Session XI, while Session XII discusses evaluation and calibration problem in water resource modeling. The closing chapter covers water and land issues in urban areas. Professionals whose work revolves around recourse management and researchers whose work is in line with natural resource will find great information in this book that will be relevant in their trade.

Table of Contents

Plenary Session Beyond Resource Systems Session W1P. Multiobjective Planning in Water and Hand Resources I A Man-Machine Interactive Approach to a Nonlinear Multiobjective Optimal Planning Problem on Water Management of a River Basin New Multicriteria Methods for Physical Planning by Means of Multidimensional Scaling Techniques Deterministic Equivalents for Use in Multiobjective, Stochastic Programming An Interactive Procedure for Multiobjective Analysis of Water Resources Allocation Session W2P. Acquisition and Analysis of Surface Water Quality Data Time-Series Analysis and Regionalization of Water-Quality Data for the Eifel Region and Adjacent Lowlands, West Germany Algae Concentration Analysis by Computer Objective Determination of Low Flows in Water Quality Studies The Management of the Distribution of Water Resources in the River Basin Session W3P. Hierarchical Water Resource Planning and Management Models A Hierarchical Optimization of a Wide Region Water Supply System with Transport Lags Application of One-Level and Multilevel Methods for Developing Control Strategies for a Special Water Resources System A Hierarchical-Multilevel Approach to the Development and Ranking of Systems in the Tanning Industry Solution Coordination of the Model Systems of the Development Region Resources Session W4P. Environmental and Ecological Aspects of Water and Land Resources Estimating Effects of Flood Control Schemes on Salmon Weed Management in the Peel Inlet of Western Australia An Ecologic-Economic Model for Supporting Land-Marine Integrated Development-In the Case of the East Seto Inland Sea A Method for Environmental Evaluation of Shoreland Management Alternatives Session T1A. Impact of Energy Development on Water and Land Resources Role of Water in Energy Development Water and Energy Development in Southeastern Montana Water for Energy: Ground Water Geothermal Heat Pumps Session T2A. Modeling and Systems Identification Problems in Water Resources Identification of a Lake Ecosystem (Aiguebelette, France) Application of the ADAPT Geo-Based Modeling System in Urban and Regional Water Pollution Management: Case Studies in Casper, Wyoming and Northeast Ohio Assessment of Uncertainty in Long Term Prediction Made through Mathematical Models Ground Albedo Mapping from Remotely Sensed Earth’s Imagery Data Causality in Hydrologic Systems Session T1P. Planning and Management of Water and Land Resources Hydraulic Network and Tanks Optimal Design for Daily Regulation The Economics of Water Management to Reduce Waterlogging Planning and Design of Agricultural Drainage Systems under Uncertainty Brahmaputra Canal Project Session T2P. Acquisition and Analysis of Hydrologic Data Hydrologic Network Design Methods and Shannon’s Information Theory Water Resource Studies in Australian Representative Basins Drought Effect on Water Management and Limnology of Kainji Lake, Nigeria Institutional Analysis Criteria for Water Supply Planning Session T3P. Ground Water and Its Conjunctive Use with Surface Water Planning Ground Water Supply Systems for Urban Growth: A Multilevel Perspective Salt-Water Intrusion in a Coastal Aquifer Inter-Active Modeling of the Aquifers near the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway A Multi Level Stochastic Management Model for Optimal Conjunctive Use of Ground and Surface Water Session T4P. Sedimentation and Land Management Agricultural Aspects of a Systems Approach of the Water Management in the Netherlands Systems Analysis of Water Demand in an Agricultural Region Flood Damage Probability Evaluation Effects of Reclamation on Fluvial Sediment in NE Oklahoma Quantitative Aspects of Sediment Transportation Characteristics of Some Rumanian Watercourses The Impact of Agricultural Practices on Water Resources Session F1A. Multiobjective Planning in Water and Land Resources II Model Development for Decision Making in Water Storage Planning Low-Flow and Flood Control: Distributed versus Lumped Reservoir Model A Regional Land-Use Program Combined with Water Quality Management and its Evaluation Multiobjective Control of Nutrient Loading into a Lake Session F2A. Predicting and Forecasting Models in Water Resources Model Identification and Sampling Rate Analysis for Forecasting the Quality of Plant Intake Water Inflow Forecast for Real-Time Reservoir Operation Estimation and Control of Water Flow along a Moroccan Canal A Comparison of Three Daily River Flow Forecasting Models Session F1P. Evaluation and Calibration Problem in Water Resource Modeling Estimation of Flow and Salinity Conditions for River Systems Calibration Procedures Used with the National Weather Service River Forecast System Corps of Engineers’ Experience with Automatic Calibration of a Precipitation-Runoff Model Comparison of Two Direct Search Algorithms Used in Calibration of Rainfall Runoff Models Session F2P. Water and Land Issues in Urban Areas Agency and Interest Group Interactions in Wild and Scenic Rivers Management Planning in California Environmental Implicating of Warrigamba, a Dam for Water Supply of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia A Hierarchy of Simulation Models for Water Resource Planning on the U.K. Canal Network Water Resources Planning Cost Estimating Tools The Basis of Regulation of Water – The Problem of “Ownership” of Water in Hawaii’