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Update on Esthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry for Modern Dental Practice, An Issue of Dental Clinics, Volume 55-2


Author: John CalamiaMark WolffRichard Trushkowsky

Publisher: Saunders

Publish Date: 27th April 2011


Pages: 248

Language: English



A comprehensive and important issue devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of the most common esthetic needs! Topics will include overcrowding in the esthetic zone, tooth whitening, minimum thickness anterior indirect porcelain restorations, major esthetic and occlusal changes via direct composite restoration, adhesives and cements for use with modern esthetic restoration, multi-restorative treatment with all ceramic, congenitally missing lateral incisors, diastemata closure, use of direct composite to correct malposition, malformation, and color change, digital photography as an adjunct to diagnosis and lab communication, soft and hard tissue management using lasers in esthetic restoration, esthetic and functional considerations in restoring endodontically treated teeth with post and core, and much more!

Table of Contents