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Transportation, Energy Use and Environmental Impacts


Author: Marcio D’Agosto

Publisher: Elsevier

Publish Date: 1st July 2019


Pages: 256

Language: English



Transportation, Energy Use and Environmental Impacts show researchers, students, and professionals the important connection between transportation planning, energy use, and emissions.Transportation, Energy Use and Environmental Impacts examines the major transportation activities, components, systems, and subsystems by mode. It closely explores the resulting environmental impacts from transport planning, construction, and decommissioning of transportation systems.The book discusses transportation planning procedures from an energy use standpoint, offering guidelines to make transportation more energy consumption efficient. It looks at propulsion and energy use systems, focusing on road transportation, railway, waterway, pipeline, and air. The book addresses transport energy sources and their supply chains, along with air pollutants and greenhouse gases emissions. The book concludes by examining the environmental impacts associated with noise, vibration, visual intrusion, and waste generation.

Table of Contents

1. Transportation, an introductory view2. Planning, design and construction of infrastructure for transportation systems and their environmental impacts3. Transport planning and energy use4. Propulsion systems and energy use5. Transport energy sources6. Air pollution and greenhouse gas7. Noise pollution, vibration, visual intrusion and solid and liquid waste output