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Transition Metal Oxides, Volume 45


Author: H.H. Kung

Publisher: Elsevier Science

Publish Date: 1st April 1989

ISBN-13: 9780080887425

Pages: 281

Language: English



In this book the author presents an up-to-date summary of existing information on the structure, electronic properties, chemistry and catalytic properties of transition metal oxides.The subjects covered in the book can be divided into three sections. The first (chapters 1 to 3) covers the structural, physical, magnetic, and electronic properties of transition metal oxides. Although the emphasis is on surface properties, relevant bulk properties are also discussed. The second section (chapters 4 to 7) covers surface chemical properties. It includes topics that describe the importance of surface coordinative unsaturation in adsorption, the formation of surface acidity and the role of acidity in determining surface chemical properties, the nature and reactivities of adsorbed oxygen, and the surface chemistry in the reduction of oxides. The third section (chapters 8 to 14) is on the catalytic properties. Various catalytic reactions including decomposition, hydrogenation, isomerization, metathesis, selective oxidation, and reactions involving carbon oxides are discussed. Emphasis is placed more on reaction mechanisms and the role of catalysts than on kinetics and processes. Chapters on the preparation of oxide catalysts and on photo-assisted processes are also included. Whenever appropriate, relationships between various topics are indicated.Written for surface physicists, chemists, and catalytic engineers, the book will serve as a useful source of information for investigators and as a comprehensive overview of the subject for graduate students.

Table of Contents

Introduction. 2. Bulk and Surface Structure of Transition Metal Oxide. 3. Physical and Electronic Properties. 4. Surface Coordinative Unsaturation. 5. Surface Acidity. 6. Reduction of Oxides. 7. Oxygen on Oxides. 8. Preparation of Oxides. 9. Metathesis and Isomerization. 10. Decomposition, Hydrogenation and Related Reactions. 11. Selective Oxidation Reactions I. 12. Selective Oxidation Reactions II. 13. Catalytic Reaction Between Hydrogen and Carbon Oxides. 14. Photo-Assisted Surface Processes. Index.