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Theory and Practice of Blood Flow Measurement


Author: John P. Woodcock

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

Publish Date: 1st January 1975

ISBN-13: 9781483182735

Pages: 284

Language: English



Theory and Practice of Blood Flow Measurement presents the methods for determining the metrics of blood flow in the major vessels. This book is organized into two sections encompassing 16 chapters that discuss the theories behind the different techniques of flow measurement and the performance of flowmeters and their practical application to determining blood flow volume in the tissues and organs. Considerable chapters are devoted to various methods of blood measurement, including dilution, transport, and thermal techniques, as well as the effect of catheter sampling on the shape of indicator dilution curves. Other chapters are concerned with the possible errors in the application of indicator dilution techniques and the types of dilution indicator, and measurement of indicator concentration. A chapter is devoted to the advantages and disadvantages of thermistor flowmeter. The last chapter focuses on the design of a thermal dilution catheter. The book can provide useful information to physicists, bioengineers, surgeons, students, and researchers.

Table of Contents

Preface Foreword Section One Measurement of Blood Flow in Major Vessels 1 Circulation of the Blood 2 Indicator Dilution Methods for the Measurement of Blood Flow 3 Thermal Techniques in the Measurement of Blood Flow 4 Electromagnetic Flowmeter 5 Ultrasonic Flowmeters 6 Flow Measured by Pressure Sensing Techniques 7 Outflow Collection, Drop Recorders, Ludwig Stromuhrs and Bubble Flowmeters 8 Other Flow-Measuring Methods Section Two Blood Flow Measurement in Organs and Tissues 9 Indicator Transport Techniques in the Measurement of Blood Flow 10 Plethysmography 11 Measurement of Cerebral Blood Flow 12 Measurement of Blood Flow in the Liver 13 Measurement of Renal Blood Flow 14 Measurement of Blood Flow in Limbs and Digits 15 Measurement of Blood Flow in Tissue 16 The Ideal Flowmeter and Choice of Measuring Technique Appendix: Some Commercially Available Flow-Measuring Devices References Index