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The United States, Canada and the New International Economic Order


Author: Ervin LaszloJoel Kurtzman

Publisher: Pergamon

Publish Date: 1st January 1979

ISBN-13: 9781483152752

Pages: 178

Language: English



The United States, Canada and the New International Economic Order examines obstacles as well as opportunities associated with efforts to create a more equitable New International Economic Order (NIEO), with emphasis on the United States and Canada. The responses of diverse segments of the North American population to demands for a NIEO are analyzed, along with their perceptions concerning international economic cooperation, national economic prospects, and the problems of Third World development. This volume is comprised of five chapters and begins with a discussion on the importance of the NIEO to the U.S. economy, together with the prospective impact of some Third World objectives on the U.S. economy. Factors that influence U.S. responses to the NIEO are also considered. The following chapters explore the role of the U.S. Congress in the NIEO, paying particular attention to its support for official development assistance; the relationship between the U.S. labor movement and the NIEO; and Americans’ perceptions and attitudes toward the NIEO. The final chapter deals with the response of the principal sectors of Canadian society to the NIEO. This book will be a useful resource for economists and economic policymakers.

Table of Contents

Introduction Part I – The United States and the New International Economic Order Chapter 1 The United States Economy and the NIEO Chapter 2 The United States Congress and the NIEO Chapter 3 United States Labor and the NIEO Chapter 4 The American People and the NIEO Part II – Canada and the New International Order Chapter 5 The Response of the Principal Sectors of Canadian Society to the NIEO Comments by Contributors Appendix Index About the Editors and Contributors