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The Structure of Nematodes


Author: Alan BirdJean Bird

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 5th August 1991

ISBN-13: 9780323138390

Pages: 317

Language: English



An expanded version of the first edition published in 1971, each section of this second edition has been updated and a new section on nematodes has been added. It is aimed at all workers interested in nematodes irrespective of whether they do research on nematodes that are parasites on animals or plants or free-living in the soil.

Table of Contents

General Introduction.The Egg.The Exoskeleton.Growth and Molting.The Epidermis.Musculature.The Nervous System.Pseudocoelom.Secretory-Excretory System.Digestive System.Reproductive System.Nematode Pathology.