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The Molecular Basis of Biological Transport


Author: J. F. WoessnerF Huijing

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 1st January 1972

ISBN-13: 9781483220666

Pages: 342

Language: English



Miami Winter Symposia, Volume 3: The Molecular Basis of Biological Transport covers the proceedings of the symposium held in Miami on January 10-11, 1972. The book discusses the life of Feodor Lynen and his lecture on carbon dioxide fixation; the biochemical significance of the anion transporting systems of mitochondria, especially that of amino acid systems; and the possible functional roles of transport through membrane junctions. The text also describes the role of chlorotetracycline as a fluorescent chelate probe for monitoring Ca++ and Mg++ binding to biological membranes; and the effects of carcinogens and steroid hormones on the structural apparatus involved in protein synthesis and export. The nature and regulation of hexose uptake by Escherichia coli; the role of bacterial phosphotransferase system in sugar transport; and energy coupling to lactose transport in Escherichia coli are also considered. The book further tackles citrate transport by Bacillus subtilis; leucine transport in Escherichia coli; and the transport mechanism in isolated bacterial cytoplasmic membrane vesicles. Biochemists, microbiologists, pharmacologists, physiologists, and people involved in enzyme and metabolic research will find the book invaluable.

Table of Contents

Speakers, Chairmen, and Discussants Preface The Third Feodor Lynen Lecture: My Life and Carbon Dioxide Fixation The Anion Transporting Systems of Mitochondria and Their Biochemical Significance Transport through Membrane Junctions Monitoring of Cation Migration and Membrane Binding Employing Fluorescent Chelate Probes The Effects of Carcinogens and Steroid Hormones on the Structural Apparatus Involved in Protein Synthesis and Export Studies on Binding Proteins, Periplasmic Enzymes, and Active Transport in Escherichia coli Nature and Regulation of Hexose Uptake by Escherichia coli A Bacterial Phosphotransferase System and Its Role in Sugar Transport Energy Coupling to Lactose Transport in Escherichia coli Citrate Transport by Bacillus sub tills Leucine Transport in Escherichia coli Transport Mechanisms in Isolated Bacterial Cytoplasmic Membrane Vesicles