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Synthetic Multidentate Macrocyclic Compounds


Author: Reed Izatt

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 28th January 1978

ISBN-13: 9780323155489

Pages: 334

Language: English



Synthetic Multidentate Macrocyclic Compounds attempts to bring together selected chapters in which the authors discuss in depth investigations in important areas of macrocycle research. The chapters deal mainly with macrocyclic compounds (saturated polyethers and their derivatives), and macrobicyclic compounds (cryptates).The book contains six chapters and opens with a first-hand account of the initial synthesis of the cyclic polyethers. This is followed by separate chapters on the synthesis of cyclic polyethers, polyether amines, and polyether sulfides; the synthesis of multidentate compounds; and the structure of synthetic macrocyclic compounds and their cation complexes. Subsequent chapters deal with the rates of reactions and the mechanism by which synthetic macrocyclic ligands complex substrates in solution; and commercial applications of the synthetic macrocyclic ligands.This book is primarily aimed at researchers and students in organic, physical, analytical, and inorganic chemistry, and in chemical engineering. However, it will also be of interest to many in the areas of biology, biochemistry, and physiology. Extensive literature references are found in each chapter.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors Preface 1. Synthetic Multidentate Macrocyclic Compounds 2. Synthesis of Multidentate Compounds 3. Application of Macrocyclic Polydentate Ligands to Synthetic Transformations 4. Structural Studies of Synthetic Macrocyclic Molecules and Their Cation Complexes 5. Kinetic Studies of Synthetic Multidentate Macrocyclic Compounds 6. Developing the Commercial Potential of Macrocyclic Molecules Author Index Subject Index