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Specular Gloss


Author: Raimo SilvennoinenKai-Erik PeiponenKari Myller

Publisher: Elsevier Science

Publish Date: 13th December 2007

ISBN-13: 9780080554686

Pages: 520

Language: English



The aesthetic appearance of various objects is important to human beings. One measure of the quality of an object is its surface quality, which can be characterized with the concept of gloss. Nowadays measurement of the gloss is a routine off-line method in assessment of quality of product at various sectors of industry. The book gives a fresh treatment on the concept of gloss. Theoretical description will be on more general basis of optical physics than in other sources. The text will give a modern treatise of machine vision based glossmeters and furnish the ideas how to measure and analyse gloss from complex-structured objects. Innovations of machine vision and gloss data analysis by embedded micro-controllers and microprocessors are trademarks that fill the gaps of older textbooks. Key Features:

Table of Contents

Introduction Light reflection from ideal surface Light reflection from rough surface Specular gloss Light sources for gloss measurement Detectors for gloss measurement Traditional glossmeters Modern glossmeters References Subject Index