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Sorbent Deformation, Volume 13


Author: Andrei Tvardovskiy

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 25th September 2006

ISBN-13: 9780080465944

Pages: 286

Language: English



Sorbent Deformation discusses the theoretical and experimental study of the deformation of solid bodies during their ad- or absorptive interaction with gases or vapours. The book is the first monograph which deals with the problem of ad- and absorbent non-inertness, compiled from a 15-year study by the author on swelling or deformed ad- and absorptive systems. The results from the study are of practical and scientific value to engineers and scientists in the areas of physical chemistry, chemical engineering and environmental control. They could also be of interest to those looking to solve problems in such areas as forecasting, technological processing and fuel drying stimulation.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Features of the state of bound water in bio-objects as an example of the nature of sorbed in swelling sorbents Chapter 2. Equation of interphase sorption equilibria Chapter 3. Experimental measurements and theoretical description of sorption equilibria in swelling systems Chapter 4. Studies of sorptive deformation of sorbents using dilatometric method Chapter 5. Variation of thermodynamic characteristics of swelling sorbents during sorption