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Software Reliability


Author: A. BendellP Mellor

Publisher: Pergamon

Publish Date: 1st January 1986

ISBN-13: 9781483152868

Pages: 480

Language: English



Software Reliability reviews some fundamental issues of software reliability as well as the techniques, models, and metrics used to predict the reliability of software. Topics covered include fault avoidance, fault removal, and fault tolerance, along with statistical methods for the objective assessment of predictive accuracy. Development cost models and life-cycle cost models are also discussed. This book is divided into eight sections and begins with a chapter on adaptive modeling used to predict software reliability, followed by a discussion on failure rate in software reliability growth models. The next chapter deals with methods for predicting and estimating software reliability, with emphasis on their strengths and weaknesses. The reader is methodically introduced to formal inspection in software development; the effects of product design, program structure, development methods, and the environments of product testing and use on product reliability; and types of software metrics in relation to reliability. The remaining chapters explore the ways in which software engineers have sought to achieve software reliability through testing; problems and standards in software reliability data collection; and applications of time series models to software reliability analysis. This monograph will be of interest to software engineers and designers.

Table of Contents

Editor’s Foreword Publisher’s Note Invited Papers 1 Adaptive Models 2 Stochastic Treatment of the Failure Rate in Software Reliability Growth Models 3 Software Reliability Models 4 Inspection Data 5 Program and Process Property Models 6 Relaxation of the Common Failure Rate Assumption in Modeling Software Reliability 7 A framework for Modeling Software Reliability 8 Types of Metric 9 Software Reliability Modeling – Prospects and Perspective 10 Testing for the Achievement of Software Reliability 11 Metrics in Practice 12 Software Development Cost Models 13 Software Reliability Data Collection: Problems and Standards 14 A Non-parametric Approach to Software Reliability, Using Complete Monotonicity 15 Applications of Time Series Models to Software Reliability 16 An Exploratory Approach to Software Reliability Measurement 17 Proportional Hazards Modeling of Software Failure Data Invited Paper References Analysis 1 Introduction Software Reliability: Basic Concepts, the Why and Wherefore History of Software Reliability Modeling 2 Achievement of Software Reliability Overview and Management Formal Methods Fault Tolerance, Testing and Other Means of Achieving Reliability Hardware/Software Systems 3 Software Reliability Models Introduction to Models Description of Individual Models A Unified Approach, Comparison of Models and Criticisms 4 Relationship to Software Metrics 5 Costs Development Cost Models Software Life-cycle Cost Models 6 Recent Developments in Modeling 7 Data and Data Problems 8 Current Research Initiatives Analysis References Bibliography An Annotated Bibliography of Software Reliability Index Subject and Contributor Index