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Selected Water Problems in Islands and Coastal Areas


Author: Sam Stuart

Publisher: Pergamon

Publish Date: 1st January 1979

ISBN-13: 9781483189178

Pages: 528

Language: English



Selected Water Problems in Islands and Coastal Areas serves as a guideline for implementing, at the policy and decision-making level, the rational and economic use of water resources. This book focuses on groundwater management and the possible utilization of desalination facilities, specifically in arid or semi-arid coastal areas. Organized into five parts encompassing 63 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the forecasts of water supply requirements. This text then explores the necessary regulations of both surface and groundwater in coastal areas and islands with limited water resources. Other chapters consider the curative measures in the case of recurring salination by using artificial or increased natural infiltration. This book discusses as well the techniques to be used for artificial infiltration into aquifers using deep wells to avoid clogging. The final chapter deals with the problems of communal installations, water supply, drainage and waste disposal. This book is a valuable resource for engineers.

Table of Contents

Introduction List of Contributors Conclusions and Recommendations I Optimal Management of Groundwater Resources and Its Relationship to Surface Waters (a) Rocks with Pore Permeability Introductory Report Groundwater Conditions and Water Supply in the Coastal Region of Belgium Method for Modeling an Aquifer and the Evaluation of the Base Flow of Rivers Measurement of Flow Rates in Different Wells on the Island of Gran Canaria, Using the Single Well Method and Radioactive Tracer The Exploitation of Coastal Aquifers in Tunisia: Problems and Prospects Chloride Content of Surface Water as a Result of Geologic Processes and Groundwater Flow in a Coastal Area in the Netherlands Study of the Coastal Aquifer near Koksijde, Belgium, and Effects of Its Recovery Aquifer Models and Their Applications A Review of United Nations Water Resources Activities in Coastal Areas and Islands Methodology of the Study of Coastal Fresh-Water Aquifers with a View to Their Optimum Utilization Prevention of Salt Intrusion in a Coastal Aquifer and Artificial Recharge: The Gapeau Aquifer at Hyeres (France) Withdrawals from a Coastal Aquifer and Monitoring of Water Quality: Sector of Saint Tropez, Valley of the Mole and the Giscle (France) Water Resources Management and Project Planning in the Canary Islands Optimal Management of Groundwater Resources and Its Relationship to Surface Waters in Greece: Rocks with Pore Permeability Optimal Management of Groundwater Resources and Its Relationship to Surface Waters: Coastal Groundwater State of Research in France in 1978 (b) Rocks with Fissured Permeability Introductory Report Water Resources Management in the Island of Majorca Pumping Tests in High Permeability Coastal Aquifers with Sea Water Intrusion Problems Water Resources of Minorca: Evaluation, Exploitation and Control On the Water Supply of Islands and Coastal Regions Some Considerations on the Natural and Artificial Recharge of Groundwater Groundwater Resources in Sicily: Present Position and Research Prospects Diversion and Exploitation of Saline Sources in Meliones (Malaga) to Avoid Salination of the Guadalhorce River Groundwater in Coastal Areas of the Republic of Ireland Selected Problems in Water Management in Malta Groundwater Conditions in the Catalonian Coastal Aquifers Study and Capture of Fresh Water in a Fissured or Karstic Milieu Situated on a Seacoast Investigations of Underground Waters on the Sea Bed along the Eastern Adriatic Coast Study of Water Resources in Volcanic Islands: Experience in the Canary Islands II Groundwater Quality Control and Protection Areas Introductory Report Measures of Protection of Groundwater Some Examples of the Influence of the Climate on the Bacteriological Quality of Groundwater The European Community’s Groundwater Protection Program Water Supply and Waste Water Disposal on the Island of Anholt Protection of Groundwater Purity Groundwater Quality Control and Protection in the Netherlands Proposal for the Management of Groundwater as a Common Heritage III Water Demand Policies under Limited Water Resources Conditions Introductory Report Alternative Supply to Different Sectors of the Distribution Network: Las Palmas De Gran Canaria Water Supply During the Last Twenty Years How to Tackle Water Problems in Connexion with Countries Similar to Malta with Small Surface Area and Little Rainfall Methods of Reducing Water Waste in Water Works Provided with Adequate Reserves, under Normal Supply Conditions IV Desalination (a) Technological Progress Introductory Report Desalination against Water Shortage in Porto Torres Petrochemical Factory Sea Water Desalination as an Integrative Source of Natural Water Supplies for Southern Italy Coastal Areas High Temperature Desalination with Sulphate Removal Pretreatment (b) Operation and Economic Aspects of Management Introductory Report Research Program of the Department of Hydraulic Works Sea Water Desalination – Specific Energy Consumption for Different Processes Distillation Plants Built by the Ministry of Public Works and the Future Outlook Combined Production of Electricity and Water: Evaluation of the Prospects of Desalination Plants with Low Heat Consumption Technical and Economic Evaluation of Multi-Stage Flash (MSF) Desalting Plant Construction and Operation: An Experience in Connexion with Heat Recovery from Solid Waste Incinerating Plants Water Supply by Vapor Compression Desalination Plants: Experiences and Results After Some Years of Operation in the Islands of Lampedusa and Linosa Disjunctive Water Desalination versus Water Transportation by Ship: a Case History — Water Supply to Ceuta from the Bay of Algeciras The Combined Production of Electricity and Fresh Water on the Island of Texel Energy Consumption in Desalination Plants Operation and Management of the Las Palmas Desalination Plant from 1970 to 1977 V Waste Water Re-Use Introductory Report Artificial Recharge in the Coastal Aquifers near Barcelona Current Position of Waste Water Re-Use in Spain and Short-Term Prospects Re-Use of Treated Sewage for Sea Water Intrusion Control in Llano De Palma (Balearic Islands) Use of Treated Municipal Sewage in an Integrated Steel Plant Re-Use of Waste Water for Aquifer Recharge: Application on the Island of Porquerolles Water Supply on the Islands of Porquerolles and Port-Cros