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Research in Organizational Behavior, Volume 22


Author: B.M. StawR.I. Sutton

Publisher: JAI Press

Publish Date: 15th October 2000

ISBN-13: 9780080548913

Pages: 436

Language: English



Volume 22 of Research in Organizational Behavior continues the tradition of innovation and theoretical development with eight diverse papers. Most of these papers present theory and propositions that make linkages between different levels of analysis.

Table of Contents

How emotions work (M. Morris). Contagious justice (P. Degoey). Theories of gender in organizations (R. Ely, D. Meyerson). Coordination neglect (C. Heath, N. Staudenmayer). Corporations, classes, and social movements after managerialism (G. Davis, D. McAdam). Power plays: how social movements and collective action create new organizational forms (H. Rao et al.). The Kibbutz for organizational behavior (T. Simmons, P. Ingram). The network structure of social capital (R. Burt).