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Reliable Computer Systems


Author: Daniel SiewiorekRobert Swarz

Publisher: Digital Press

Publish Date: 12th May 1992

ISBN-13: 9781483297439

Pages: 908

Language: English



Enhance your hardware/software reliabilityEnhancement of system reliability has been a major concern of computer users and designers ¦ and this major revision of the 1982 classic meets users’ continuing need for practical information on this pressing topic. Included are case studies of reliable systems from manufacturers such as Tandem, Stratus, IBM, and Digital, as well as coverage of special systems such as the Galileo Orbiter fault protection system and AT&T telephone switching processors.

Table of Contents

Fundamental Concepts; Faults and their Manifestations; Reliability and Availability Techniques; Maintainability and Testing Techniques; Evaluation Criteria; Financial Considerations; General Purpose Computing (VAX, IBM); High-Availability Systems (AT&T, Tandem, Stratus); Long Life Systems (Galileo); Critical Computations (C.vmp, SIFT); VAXft Series; Appendixes