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Rapid Detection of Food Adulterants and Contaminants


Author: Shyam Jha

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 31st December 2015

ISBN-13: 9780128004289

Pages: 278

Language: English



Rapid Detection of Food Adulterants and Contaminants: Theory and Practice contains solid information on common adulterants and contaminants in various foods, guidelines for different standards, permissible limits prescribed by food regulatory authorities, and related detection techniques. This is an essential reference for anyone interested in progressive research on detection methods for food safety, especially researchers engaged in developing fast, reliable, and often nondestructive methods for the evaluation of food safety.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Food Safety and Quality1.1. Food Safety1.2. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points1.3. Food Quality Chapter 2. Common Adulterants and Contaminants2.1. Chemical Contaminants2.2. Mycotoxins2.3. Heavy Metals Chapter 3. Food Standards and Permissible Limits3.1. Food Safety Regulatory Bodies3.2. Standards and Permissible Limits Chapter 4. Basic Detection Techniques4.1. Microbiological Methods4.2. Microscopic Analysis of Food Samples4.3. Biochemical Methods4.4. Analytical Methods4.5. Molecular Methods4.6. Immunoassays4.7. Electrical Methods4.8. Rapid and Nondestructive Methods Chapter 5. Biosensor5.1. Concepts5.2. Type of Biosensors5.3. Methods of Immobilizing Biosensors5.4. Practical Applications Chapter 6. Spectroscopy and Chemometrics6.1. Ultraviolet and Visual Spectroscopy6.2. NIR Spectroscopy6.3. Fourier-Transform IRS6.4. Multivariate Analysis6.5. Practical Applications Chapter 7. Imaging Methods7.1. X-ray Imaging7.2. Computed Tomography7.3. Magnetic Resonance Imaging7.4. Ultrasound7.5. Hyperspectral Imaging7.6. Practical Applications of Imaging Methods