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Perceptual and Cognitive Development


Author: Rochel GelmanTerry Au

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 4th June 1996

ISBN-13: 9780080538624

Pages: 454

Language: English



Perceptual and Cognitive Development illustrates how the developmental approach yields fundamental contributions to our understanding of perception and cognition as a whole. The book discusses how to relate developmental, comparative, and neurological considerations to early learning and development, and it presents fundamental problems in cognition and language, such as the acquisition of a coherent, organized, and shared understanding of concepts and language. Discussions of learning, memory, attention, and problem solving are embedded within specific accounts of the neurological status of developing minds and the nature of knowledge.

Table of Contents

Perception and Cognition:P.J. Kellman, The Origins of Object Perception.S. Carey, Perceptual Classification and Expertise.E.S. Spelke and L. Hermer, Early Cognitive Development: Objects and Space.Cognition and Language:S.A. Gelman, Concepts and Theories.P. Bloom, Controversies in Language Acquisition: Word Learning and the Part of Speech.K. Lee and A. Karmiloff-Smith, The Development of External Symbol Systems: The Child as a Notator.K.F. Miller, Origins of Quantitative Competence.M. Siegal, Conversation and Cognition.M. Taylor, A Theory of Mind Perspective on Social Cognitive Development.Models of Development:M.H. Johnson and R.O. Gilmore, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience: A Biological Perspective on Cognitive Change.D. Parisi, Computational Models of Developmental Mechanisms.L.B. Smith and D.B. Katz, Activity-Dependent Processes in Perceptual and Cognitive Development.