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Organic Syntheses Based on Name Reactions and Unnamed Reactions, Volume 11


Author: J E BaldwinAlfred HassnerC Stumer

Publisher: Pergamon

Publish Date: 22nd July 1994

ISBN-13: 9781483287348


Language: English



Synthetically useful organic reactions or reagents are often referred to by the name of the discoverer(s) or developer(s). Older name reactions are described in text books, but more recently developed synthetically useful reactions that may have been associated occasionally with a name are not always well known. For neither of the above are experimental procedures or references easy to find.In this monograph approximately 500 name reactions are included, of which over 200 represent newer name reactions and modern reagents. Each of these reactions are extremely useful for the contemporary organic chemistry researcher in industry or academic institutions. This book provides the information in an easily accessible form.In addition to seminal references and reviews, one or more examples for each name reaction are provided and a complete typical experimental procedure is included, to enable the student or researcher to immediately evaluate reaction conditions.Besides an alphabetical listing of reactions and reagents, cross references permit the organic practitioner to find those name reactions or reagents that enable specific transformations, such as, conversion of amines to nitriles, stereoselective reduction, fluoroalkylation, phenol alkynylation, asymmetric syntheses, allylic alkylation, nucleoside synthesis, cyclopentanation, hydrozirconation, to name a few. Emphasis has been placed on stereoselective and regioselective transformations as well as on enantioselective processes. The listing of reactions and reagents is supported by four indexes.

Table of Contents

Contains approximately 500 reactions listed alphabetically, of which a selection follows: Alder: (Ene) Reaction. Baer – Fischer: Amino Sugar Synthesis. Barton: Deamination. Chan: Reduction of Acetylenes. Collman: Carbonylation Reagent. Dakin: Oxidation. Danheiser: Annulation. Ehrlich – Sachs: Aldehyde Synthesis. Evans: Chiral Auxiliary. Ferrier: Carbohydrate Synthesis. Fujiwara – Heck: Coupling. Gassman: Oxindole Synthesis. Haddadin – Issidorides: Quinoxaline Synthesis. Henbest: Iridium Reagent. Hoffman – Yamamoto: Stereoselctive Allylation. Isay: Pteridine Synthesis. Kabe: Chromanone Synthesis. Krief – Reich: Olefination. Lehn: Cryptand Synthesis. Leuckart – Wallace: Reductive Amination. McFadyen – Stevens: Ester Reduction. Nazarov: Cyclopentenone Synthesis. Olofson: Reagent. Pfitzinger: Quinoline Synthesis. Regitz: Diazo Transfer. Sakurai: Allylation. Scholtz: Indolizine Synthesis. Sharpless: Asymmetric Dihydroxylation. Stork: Reductive Cyclization. Suzuki: Vinyl Coupling. Tebbe: Olefination. Tsuji – Trost: Allylation. Ullmann – Fedvadjan: Acridine Synthesis. Van Boom: Phosphorylating Reagent. Vilsmeier – Haack – Viehe Reagent. Wacker – Tsuji: Olefin Oxidation. Wissner: Hydroxy Ketone Synthesis. Wolff: Rearrangement. Yamazaki: Cyanoaniline Synthesis. Zinke – Ziegler: Synthesis of Calixarenes. Names Index. Reagents Index. Reactions Index. Functional Group Transformations Index.