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New Techniques for Management of ‘Inoperable’ Gliomas


Author: Michael SughrueIsaac Yang

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 1st August 2019


Pages: 400

Language: English



Gliomas are primary brain tumors which are often fatal. Recent data has demonstrated that despite the fact that surgery cannot cure gliomas, that patient survival is substantially improved by removing as much as possible.This fact has raised the imperative that neurologists try to improve techniques to bring surgical resection to as many patients as possible. Many gliomas have been deemed “inoperable” due to the high risk of taking them out, and the perceived lack of benefit for doing so. New insights and technologies have begun to allow many of these tumors to be removed with good results.Surgery for ‘Inoperable’ Gliomas radically challenge the assumption that certain gliomas cannot be removed with modern techniques by demonstrating the techniques of many surgeons who are innovating in this field to tackle these difficult tumors. This book challenges stereotypical thinking and establishes new paradigms in the field.

Table of Contents

1. “Inoperable” Gliomas2. The ethics of operating on “inoperable” gliomas3. New technologies for mapping the brain4. Macroconnectomic networks of the human brain5. Surgical techniques for tackling complex gliomas6. Speech area gliomas7. Insular gliomas8. Temporoparietal occipital junction gliomas9. motor region gliomas10. Butterfly Gliomas11. Brainstem Gliomas12. Thalamic Gliomas13. Post-operative Surgical considerations14. Adjuvant Technologies15. Surgical Outcomes and Epidemiology16. Laser Therapy for Glioma