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Neuroepigenetics and Mental Illness, Volume 158


Author: Bart Rutten

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 31st July 2018

ISBN-13: 9780128125939

Pages: 343

Language: English



Neuroepigenetics and Mental Illness, Volume 158, the latest release in the Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science series, seeks to provide the most topical, informative, and exciting monographs available on a wide variety of research topics related to prions, viruses, bacteria and eukaryotes. The series seeks to provide readers with in-depth knowledge of important molecular biological aspects of organismal physiology and function, with this release focusing on Neuroepigenetics in mental illness, Neuroepigenetics of development and neurodevelopmental disorder, Neuroepigenetics of aging and age-related neurodegenerative disorders, Neuroepigenetics of prenatal psychological stress, Neuroepigenetics of the HPA axis, Neuroepigenetics of the serotonergic system, and more.

Table of Contents

1. Neuroepigenetics in mental illnessBart Rutten 2. Neuroepigenetics of development and neurodevelopmental disordersElisabeth Radford3. Neuroepigenetics of aging and age-related neurodegenerative disordersDaniel van den Hove4. Neuroepigenetics of prenatal psychological stressStephan Claes5. Neuroepigenetics of differential susceptibility to environmental stressorsNikolaos P. Daskalakis6. Neuroepigenetics of the HPA axisNadine Provencal7. Neuroepigenetics of the serotonergic systemKlaus-Peter Lesch8. Neuroepigenetics of the WNT signaling pathwayLaurence de Nijs9. Neuroepigenetics of neurotrophin signalingRaymond Mongeau10. Epigenetic regulation of the immune system in relation to mental illnessMeric Maltinoz11. Neuroepigenetics of psychotic disordersGianluca Ursini12. Neuroepigenetics of post-traumatic stress disorderMonica Uddin13. Transgenerational epigenetics of stressIsabelle M. Mansuy14. Bioethical and philosophical-historical perspectives on neuroepigenetics and neuro-epigenesis in mental illnessKathinka Evers, Mats Hansson, Elisabeth Radford, Bart Rutten, Chiara Renzi, Nadine Provencal, Ilona Koupil and Ulrik Kihlbom15. Using epigenetics tools to investigate antidepressant responseGustavo Turecki