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Municipal Solid Waste Recycling in Western Europe to 1996


Author: R. Reidy

Publisher: Elsevier Science

Publish Date: 31st March 1992

ISBN-13: 9781483294018


Language: English



Please note this is a Short Discount publication.This market research Report provides essential information for all people involved in planning for waste disposal & recycling in the 1990’s, including:★ Local authorities★ Waste Collection Equipment suppliers★ Consumers of recycled materials★ Engineering professionals★ Financial institutions considering this business★ Manufacturers of paper, glass & aluminiumIt presents market data and analysis for solid waste focusing on household/consumer waste, and provides information on the following key areas:★ The market for recycled waste by volume & value★ Demographic Data for West Europe★ Waste generation by type★ Separation & Recovery at source★ Quantity of non–hazardous solid waste generated each year until 1996★ Where it will be generatedPlus addressing current topical areas including:★ Current and forthcoming legislation★ Organisation of waste collection★ Central Waste Sorting★ Disposal Methods eg. Separation, Composting, Landfill, Incineration★ Recovery and recycling of specific materials including:Paper; Glass; Separated Fuel; Aluminium Cans; Plastic; Batteries; Other scrapped metals★ Acceptability of recycled materials★ Incentive schemes

Table of Contents

Introduction. 2. Overview & forecasts. 3. Demographics. 4. Legislation. 5. Waste generation, collection, disposal & recycling by country. 6. Waste recycling by material. 7. Suppliers – recycling services. 8. Suppliers – recycling equipment. 9. Appendix. Organisation & government departments. Trade & other organisations for waste management & recycling. Journals relating to recycling. Directories relating to recycling.