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Mosby’s Dental Dictionary


Author: Mosby

Publisher: Mosby

Publish Date: 12th October 2007

ISBN-13: 97803231681519780323058445

Pages: 816

Language: English



Designed for use by the entire dental team, Mosby’s Dental Dictionary includes more than 10,000 terms and 300 full-color illustrations. Definitions include all areas of dentistry, basic, clinical and behavioral sciences, terms related to office management, and commonly used medical terms. Thoroughly revised and updated, this edition includes more terms, more pronunciations, and extensive appendices for quick, easy-to-use access to information used daily in the clinical setting.

Table of Contents

Pronunciation GuideAlphabetic Listing of TermsAppendicesA. Symbols and AbbreviationsB. American Dental Association (ADA) Dental Codes 2007/2008C. Anxiety and Pain ManagementD. Clinical Oral StructuresE. Dental Professional OrganizationsF. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996G. Infection ControlH. Legal and Ethical IssuesI. How Dental Terms Are Made and ReadJ. Nutrition and Nutritional CounselingK. PharmacologyL. Radiology and RadiographyM. Tooth Numbering Systems and Explanation for Mounting RadiographsN. Dental Prosthetics NEW!