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Metals in Mercury, Volume 25


Author: C. HirayamaC. GuminskiZ. Galus

Publisher: Pergamon

Publish Date: 22nd August 1986

ISBN-13: 9781483285597


Language: English



The volume covers binary amalgams of all the metals, together with those of carbon, silicon and boron, a total of 76 systems. Complete literature coverage extends through 1983. The emphasis is on accurate, evaluated solubility data, but phase diagrams have been included where they have been defined, and will aid the reader in assigning the solid-liquid equilibrium. Tha data have been critically evaluated, and are classified as ‘recommended’ when independent determinations agree within experimental error. The data may also be used to compute thermodynamic properties of the binary components.

Table of Contents

Foreword. Preface. Introduction: the solubility of solids in liquids. Compilations and critical evaluations of reported solubility data for 76 binary systems with mercury as one component, the other component being a metal, carbon, silicon or boron (arranged according to the periodic table, and including the lathanides and actinides). System index. Registry number index. Author index.