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Marsh and Martin’s Oral Microbiology


Author: Philip MarshMichael LewisHelen RogersDavid WilliamsMelanie Wilson

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone

Publish Date: 30th June 2016

ISBN-13: 97807020617529780702061745

Pages: 272

Language: English



New edition of a highly popular textbook on oral microbiology suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate dental students, research workers, and a wide range of clinical dental professionals

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 2 The mouth as a microbial habitat 3 The resident oral microbiota 4 Distribution, development and benefits of the oral microbiota 5 Dental plaque 6 Plaque-mediated diseases: Dental caries and periodontal diseases 7 Orofacial bacterial infections 8 Oral fungal infections 9 Orofacial viral infections 10 Antimicrobial agents 11 Oral microbiota and systemic disease 12 Infection control Multiple choice answers