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Licensing Electronic Resources in Academic Libraries


Author: Corey S. HalaychikBlake Reagan

Publisher: Chandos Publishing

Publish Date: 6th March 2018

ISBN-13: 9780081021088

Pages: 200

Language: English



Licensing Electronic Resources in Academic Libraries: A Practical Handbook provides librarians charged with reviewing, negotiating, and processing licenses with fundamental information that will ensure they not only understand the contents of a license, but are also able to successfully complete the licensing life cycle from start to finish. The contents of the monograph includes basic concepts, real word examples, and tips for negotiation.

Table of Contents

Introduction Licensing Basics What is a license? Why do they exist? Why do they matter? Common terms Best Practices in License Language Categories Clarity Precision Consistency Purpose Brevity Ambiguity Licensing Law Applicable case law Offers and counteroffers Acceptance Interpretation License Layout General Layout The Beginning of the license, The Middle and The End Negotiating Licenses           Research           Leveling the field           Relationships          Approaches          Leverage          Tools 7. Conclusion