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Learning to Give


Author: Ken RussellJoan Tooke

Publisher: Pergamon

Publish Date: 1st January 1967

ISBN-13: 9781483139166

Pages: 183

Language: English



Learning to Give as Part of Religious Education attempts to answer the question: what is actually to go on in a lesson about “life” or “reality”? It takes as its starting point a sure ground of adolescent concern: the compassion for human suffering which is normally awakened and keenly felt in the middle teens. It then proceeds to inform this compassion: it explores the depth and shape of the need; it amasses the facts of the situation; it illustrates the human meaning of it, with quotation from biography and poetry and personal documents; it describes the efforts made, in active compassion, to relieve the need; and it makes suggestions of ways in which the young can share in the work of relief. Finally, it marches on to biblical and other statements about the human situation that set these specific agonizing points of suffering against the vast problem of evil, viewed in the light of a belief in a God who cares, thus lifting the human adventure from its sublunar situation on to a cosmic level.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments Foreword 1. Introduction 2. Themes Integrated with Biblical Material Blindness Children Leprosy Refugees 3. Organizations Furthering the Work of Well-Known Christians Anti-Slavery Society for the Protection of Human Rights Dr. Barnardd’s Homes The Cheshire Foundation Homes for the Sick The Danilo Dolci Trust The Grenfell Associations 4. Needs to be Met Addiction to Narcotics Alcoholics Anonymous Amnesty International The Samaritans 5. Statutory versus Voluntary Giving Appendix: A Comprehensive List of Organizations and their Addresses, Followed by Suggestions for Themes