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Isocoumarin, Thiaisocoumarin and Phosphaisocoumarin


Author: Sarbani PalManojit Pal

Publisher: Elsevier

Publish Date: 26th October 2018

ISBN-13: 9780128154465

Pages: 216

Language: English



Isocoumarin, Thiaisocoumarin and Phosphaisocoumarin: Natural Occurrences, Synthetic Approaches and Pharmaceutical Applications gives an overview of the various aspects of this class of heterocycle, with a major focus on synthesis and biological activity. Aromatic δ lactones or isocoumarins with thiaisocoumarins, phosphaisocoumarins and a-pyranone fused with a heteroaryl ring constitute an important class of heterocyclic compounds. This book provides the methods applied for the synthesis of thiaisocoumarins, phosphaisocoumarins, and a-pyranone fused with a heteroaryl ring. It is useful to medicinal and natural product chemists who want to synthesize target molecules and develop cutting-edge technologies to provide better solutions to researchers.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: The diverse aromatic δ lactones2. Natural products: A major source of isocoumarins3. Bioactive isocoumarins: their role in pharmaceutical research4. Synthesis of isocoumarins: traditional and transition metal catalyzed methods5. Preparation of Thienopyranones6. Synthesis of seleno and telluro isocoumarins7. Synthesis of a-pyranone fused with nitrogen containing heterocycles8. Synthesis of phosphaisocoumarins9. Synthesis of nature’s isocoumarins10. Synthesis of isocoumarins of pharmacological interest11. Isocoumarins in organic synthesis: Synthetic applications12. Conclusions