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Introduction to Fluid Mechanics


Author: Yasuki Nakayama

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

Publish Date: 31st December 1998

ISBN-13: 9780080523910

Pages: 344

Language: English



Fluid mechanics is often seen as the most difficult core subject encountered by engineering students. The problem stems from the necessity to visualise complex flow patterns and fluid behaviour modelled by high level mathematics. This text overcomes this difficulty by introducing the concepts through everyday examples, before moving on to the more involved mathematics. The various theories of flow have been correlated with real phenomena and, combined with numerous figures and photographs, help the reader place the subject in context. Examples from a broad range of engineering disciplines are included making this textbook suitable for all engineers studying fluid systems as part of their degree.Introduction to Fluid Mechanics is translated from the best-selling Japanese book by Professor Yasuki Nakayama, and adapted for the international market by Professor Robert Boucher.

Table of Contents

History of fluid mechanicsFluid properties and definitionsFluid staticsFundamentals of flowOne-dimensional flow (mechanism for conservation of flow properties)Viscous flowPipe flowOpen channel flowDrag and liftDimensional analysis and law of similarityMeasurement of flow velocity and flow rateFlow of ideal fluidCompressible flowUnsteady flowFlow visualisationComputational fluid dynamics