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Industrial Process Scale-up


Author: Jan Harmsen

Publisher: Elsevier

Publish Date: 30th May 2019


Pages: 162

Language: English



Industrial Process Scale-up: A Practical Innovation Guide from Idea to Commercial Implementation, Second Edition, helps industrial process innovators in research, development and commercial start-ups to assess the risks of commercial-scale implementation, also providing them with practical guidelines and methods to reduce the risks to acceptable levels. The book can also be used in cooperation with industrial R&D people and academic researchers to shape open innovation programs, and in education as a reference book. This second edition has been updated with the latest literature and expanded with a scale-up of pharmaceutical processes, along with their history in both academia and the process industries.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction, Process Industries Characteristics2. History of Scale-up theory and industrial practices3. Process scale-up: Concept stage, feasibility stage, Development stage, Demonstration stage, Start-up methods4. Pharmaceuticals Process Scale-up5. Unit operations scale-up6. Industrial scale-up approach Amine CO2 absorption7. Industrial scale-up cases and learning points