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Hybrid Nanostructures for Cancer Theranostics


Author: Raghvendra Ashok BoharaNanasaheb Thorat

Publisher: Elsevier

Publish Date: 26th November 2018

ISBN-13: 9780128139073

Pages: 276

Language: English



Hybrid nanostructures are nanoparticles which incorporate two or more structures. These structures may represent organic or inorganic material, but they synergistically improve the application of the material for end users. Hybrid Nanostructures for Cancer Theranostics explores how hybrid nanostructures are used in cancer treatment.Focusing on the properties of hybrid nanostructures, the book demonstrates how their unique characteristics can be used to create more effective treatment techniques. In the second half of the book, the chapters examine how hybrid nanostructures are currently being used in practice, assessing the pros and cons of using different types of nanostructures for different treatments.This valuable resource will allow readers to understand the core and emerging concept of functionalization, bioconjugation, hyperthermia and phototherapy of nanoparticles which allows for the greater use of hybrid nanomaterials in cancer theranostics.

Table of Contents

Introduction and types of hybrid nanostructures for medical applications2. Synthesis, functionalization and bioconjugation of hybrid nanostructures: mechanisms for improved bioactivity3. Pros and cons of current cancer therapy4. Bio distribution and Cellular Interaction of Hybrid Nanostructures 5. Nanopharmacological study of hybrid nanostructures6. Nanostructures for Externally Triggered Chemo-Thermal Therapies7. Hyperthermia Therapy Using Hybrid Magnetic nanostructures8. Hybrid Nanostructures in Targeted Drug Delivery9. Hybrid nanostructures in diagnostic approach: a comprehensive approach to combat cancer10. Hybrid nanostructures for in-vivo imaging11. Shape controlled Hybrid Nanostructures for Cancer Theranostics12. Strengths and limitations of translating the hybrid nanostructures to the clinic