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Handbook of Public Economics, Volume 2


Author: M. FeldsteinA.J. Auerbach

Publisher: North Holland

Publish Date: 1st December 1987

ISBN-13: 9780080570839

Pages: 644

Language: English



This second volume of the Handbook of Public Economics is a continuation of volume one, with chapters surveying the literature on both the tax and expenditure areas of public economics.The material presents an up-to-date survey of the field of public economics by those actually doing work on the frontier of the subject, and is written in a manner that renders it useful to the public finance specialist, whilst remaining understandable for the student and non- specialist.For more information on the Handbooks of Economics series, please see our homepage on

Table of Contents

Theory of public goods (W.H. Oakland). Incentives and the allocation of public goods (J.-J. Laffont). The economics of the local public sector (D.L. Rubinfeld). Markets, government, and the “new” political economy (R. Inman). Income maintenance and social insurance (A.B. Atkinson). The theory of cost-benefit analysis (J. Drèze, N.H. Stern). Pareto efficient and optimal taxation and the new new welfare economics (J.E. Stiglitz). Tax incidence (L. Kotlikoff, L. Summers).