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Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover


Author: Norton J. Lapeyrouse

Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

Publish Date: 27th November 2002

ISBN-13: 9780080506760

Pages: 224

Language: English



The most complete manual of its kind, this handy book gives you all the formulas and calculations you are likely to need in drilling operations. New updated material includes conversion tables into metric. Separate chapters deal with calculations for drilling fluids, pressure control, and engineering. Example calculations are provided throughout.Presented in easy-to-use, step-by-step order, Formulas and Calculations is a quick reference for day-to-day work out on the rig. It also serves as a handy study guide for drilling and well control certification courses. Virtually all the mathematics required out on the drilling rig is here in one convenient source, including formulas for pressure gradient, specific gravity, pump output, annular velocity, buoyancy factor, volume and stroke, slug weight, drill string design, cementing, depth of washout, bulk density of cuttings, and stuck pipe.

Table of Contents

Preface Chapter 1: Basic Formulas Pressure Gradient Hydrostatic Pressure Converting Pressure into Mud Weight Specific Gravity Equivalent Circulating Density Maximum Allowable Mud Weight Pump Output Annular Velocity Capacity Formulas Control Drilling Buoyancy Factor Hydrostatic Pressure Decrease When Pulling Pipe Out of the Hole Loss of Overbalance Due to Falling Mud Level Formation Temperature Hydraulic Horsepower Drill Pipe/Drill Collar Calculations Pump Pressure/Pump Stroke Relationship Cost Per Foot Temperature Conversion Formulas Chapter 2: Basic Calculations Volumes and Strokes Slug Calculations Accumulator Capacity Bulk Density of Cuttings Drill String Design (Limitations) Ton-Mile Calculations Cementing Calculations Weighted Cement Calculations Calculations for the Number of Sacks of Cement Required Calculations for the Number of Feet to Be Cemented Setting a Balanced Cement Plug Differential Hydrostatic Pressure Between Cement in the Annulus and Mud Inside the Casing Hydraulicing Casing Depth of a Washout Lost Returns – Loss of Overbalance Stuck Pipe Calculations Calculations Required for Spotting Pills Pressure Required to Break Circulation Chapter 3: Drilling Fluids Increase Mud Density Dilution Mixing Fluids of Different Densities Oil Based Mud Calculations Solids Analysis Solids Fractions Dilution of Mud System Displacement – Barrels of Water/Slurry Required Evaluation of Hydrocylone Evaluation of Centrifuge Chapter 4: Pressure Control Kill Sheets and Related Calculations Prerecorded Information Kick Analysis Pressure Analysis Stripping/Snubbing Calculations Subsea Considerations Workover Operations Chapter 5: Engineering Calculations Bit Nozzle Selection – Optimized Hydraulics Hydraulics Analysis Critical Annular Velocity and Critical Flow Rate d Exponent Cuttings Slip Velocity Surge and Swab Pressures Equivalent Circulation Density Fracture Gradient Determination – Surface Application Directional Drilling Calculations Miscellaneous Equations and Calculations Appendix A Appendix B Index