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Food Safety and Human Health


Author: Ram Lakhan SinghSukanta Mondal

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 1st June 2019


Pages: 416

Language: English



Food Safety and Human Health provides a framework to manage food safety risks and insure safe food system. This reference takes a reader-friendly approach in presenting the entire range of toxic compounds found naturally in foods or introduced by industrial contamination or food processing methods. It provides the basic principles of food toxicology and its processing and safety for human health to help professionals and students better understand the real problems of toxic materials. This essential resource will help readers address problems regarding food contamination and safety. It will be particularly useful for graduate students, researchers and professionals in the agri-food industry.

Table of Contents

Current Issues in Food Toxicology2. Food Hazards: Physical, Chemical and Biological3. Toxicity of Food Additives4. Food Allergies5. Safety of Dairy Products6. Safety of genetically modified food products GMOs7. Microbial environment of food spoilage8. Raw and processed foods9. Food Processing: consequences for nutritional quality and food safety implications10. Aflatoxins and food safety11. Functional foods