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Extracellular Matrix and Egg Coats, Volume 130


Author: Eveline LitscherPaul Wassarman

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 30th May 2018

ISBN-13: 9780128098035

Pages: 502

Language: English



Extracellular Matrix and Egg Coats, Volume 130, the latest release in the Current Topics in Developmental Biology series, highlights new advances in the field, with this new volume presenting interesting chapters on The Human Egg’s Zona Pellucida, the Structure of Zona Pellucida Module Proteins, The Fish Egg’s Zona Pellucidam The Chicken Egg’s Zona Pellucidam The Marsupial Egg’s Zona Pellucida, the Evolution of Zona Pellucida Proteins, The Mouse Egg’s Zona Pellucida, Aspects of ECM, ECM and Morphogenesis, Collagen fibril assembly and function, The Ear’s Tectorial Membrane, ECM and Cell Fate, and the Aspects of ECM.

Table of Contents

1. The Physical and Biochemical Properties of the Extracellular Matrix Regulate Cell FateJonathon M. Muncie and Valerie M. Weaver2. Matricellular Proteins: Functional Insights From Non-mammalian Animal ModelsJosephine C. Adams3. Collagen Fibril Assembly and FunctionDavid F. Holmes, Yinhui Lu, Tobias Starborg and Karl E. Kadler4. Basement Membranes in Development and DiseaseRei Sekiguchi and Kenneth M. Yamada5. Extracellular Determinants of Arterial Morphogenesis, Growth, and HomeostasisRobert P. Mecham and Francesco Ramirez6. Structure, Function, and Development of the Tectorial Membrane: An Extracellular Matrix Essential for HearingRichard J. Goodyear and Guy P. Richardson7. Extracellular Matrix (ECM) and the Sculpting of Embryonic Tissues Bette J. Dzamba and Douglas W. DeSimone8. The Fish Egg’s Zona PellucidaEveline S. Litscher and Paul M. Wassarman9. Egg-Coat and Zona Pellucida Proteins of Chicken as a Typical Species of AvesShunsuke Nishio, Hiroki Okumura and Tsukasa Matsuda10. The Mouse Egg’s Zona PellucidaPaul M. Wassarman and Eveline S. Litscher11. Conceptus Coats of Marsupials and MonotremesStephen Frankenberg and Marilyn B. Renfree12. The Human Egg’s Zona PellucidaSatish K. Gupta13. Structure of Zona Pellucida Module ProteinsMarcel Bokhove and Luca Jovine14. Egg Coat Proteins Across Metazoan EvolutionEmily E. Killingbeck and Willie J. Swanson