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Essentials of Oral Histology and Embryology


Author: James AveryDaniel ChiegoDaniel Chiego

Publisher: Mosby

Publish Date: 16th December 2005

ISBN-13: 9780323079884

Pages: 256

Language: English



This outstanding book covers all areas of oral histology and embryology pertinent to clinical dental practice. Introductory material includes a complete discussion of the structure and function of the body’s cells, as well as the stages of orofacial development from conception to birth. It also covers developmental problems such as cleft lip and palate, specific phases of tooth development, and biofilm substances that form on the surface of teeth. New Clinical Comments boxes and Consider the Patient scenarios help readers apply key concepts to actual practice.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Development and Structure of Cells and TissuesChapter 2 Structure and Function of Cells, Tissues, and OrgansChapter 3 Development of the Oral Facial RegionChapter 4 Development of the Face and PalateChapter 5 Development of TeethChapter 6 Eruption and Shedding of the TeethChapter 7 EnamelChapter 8 DentinChapter 9 Dental PulpChapter 10 CementumChapter 11 Periodontium: Periodontal LigamentChapter 12 Periodontium: Alveolar Process and CementumChapter 13 Temporomandibular JointChapter 14 Oral MucosaChapter 15 Salivary Glands and TonsilsChapter 16 BiofilmsGlossaryIndex