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Essentials of Chinese Materia Medica and Medical Formulas


Author: Shengyan XiYuewen Gong

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 19th May 2017

ISBN-13: 9780128127230

Pages: 1020

Language: English



Essentials of Chinese Materia Medica and Medical Formulas: New Century Traditional Chinese Medicine presents specific knowledge about the source, medicinal nature, action and application of more than 800 commonly-used Chinese materia medica, as well as the efficacy and application of more than 740 kinds of commonly-used Chinese medical formulas. Notably, all of the content is presented in table form, making the information easier to access, understand and apply.Each primary herbal medicine is introduced with color pictures, and each primary formula is presented with efficacy analysis pictures. The book provides readers with essential information on Chinese materia medica and formulas and how to use them accurately, including the most common Chinese materia medica used in clinics and in commonly used clinical formulas.This is an essential reference for traditional medical professionals and those interested in traditional Chinese medicine, including advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Table of Contents

FOREWORDPREFACEACKNOWLEDGEMENTCOMPENDIUMPART 1 CHINESE MATERIA MEDICACHAPTER 1  Herbs that Release the ExteriorCHAPTER 2  Herbs that Clear the HeatCHAPTER 3  Herbs that Drain DownwardsCHAPTER 4  Herbs that Expel Wind and DampCHAPTER 5  Herbs that Transform DampnessCHAPTER 6  Herbs that Promote Urination and Percolate DampnessCHAPTER 7  Herbs that Warm the InteriorCHAPTER 8  Herbs that Rectify QiCHAPTER 9  Herbs that Promote DigestionCHAPTER 10  Herbs that Expel ParasitesCHAPTER 11  Herbs that Stanch BleedingCHAPTER 12  Herbs that Invigorate Blood and Dissolve StasisCHAPTER 13  Herbs that Dissolve Phlegm, Relieve Cough and Calm Panting CHAPTER 14  Herbs that Calm the MindCHAPTER 15  Herbs that Calm the Liver and Extinguish WindCHAPTER 16  Herbs that Open the OrificesCHAPTER 17  Herbs that Supplement DeficiencyCHAPTER 18  Herbs that Astringe CHAPTER 19  Herbs that Induce VomitCHAPTER 20  Herbs that Counteract Toxins, Kill Parasites and Relieve ItchingCHAPTER 21  Herbs that Draw Out Toxins, Remove Putridity and Engender Flesh PART 2 CLNICAL CHINESE MEDICAL FORMULASCHAPTER 1  Formulas that Release the ExteriorCHAPTER 2  Formulas that Treat the Interior Excess Syndrome with PurgationCHAPTER 3  Formulas that HarmonizeCHAPTER 4  Formulas that Clear the Heat CHAPTER 5  Formulas that Dispel SummerheatCHAPTER 6  Formulas that Warm the InteriorCHAPTER 7  Formulas that Release Pathogens from both the Exterior and InteriorCHAPTER 8  Formulas that Supplement and BoostCHAPTER 9  Formulas that Consolidate and AstringeCHAPTER 10  Formulas that Calm the MindCHAPTER 11  Formulas that Open the OrificesCHAPTER 12  Formulas that Rectify QiCHAPTER 13  Formulas that Rectify BloodCHAPTER 14  Formulas that Expel and Calm the WindCHAPTER 15  Formulas that Treat Dryness SyndromeCHAPTER 16  Formulas that Dispel DampnessCHAPTER 17  Formulas that Dispel PhlegmCHAPTER 18  Formulas that Remove Food Stagnation and AccumulationCHAPTER 19  Formulas that Expel ParasitesCHAPTER 20  Formulas that Induce VomitCHAPTER 21  Formulas that Treat CarbunclesCHAPTER 22  Attachment Formulas that are Used Externally PART 3 APPENDIXAPPENDIX 1  Introduction to Medicinal Selection for Common Diseases and SyndromesAPPENDIX 2  Introduction to Well-Known Chinese Materia Medica and Medical Formula LiteraturesAPPENDIX 3  Introduction to Intricate TCM Terminology of Diseases and SyndromesREFERENCES