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Essays in Animal Behaviour


Author: Jeffrey LucasLeigh Simmons

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 7th November 2005

ISBN-13: 9780080494821

Pages: 384

Language: English



Recently, the 50th anniversary of the publication of Animal Behaviour has passed. To mark the occasion, a group of prominent behaviourists have written essays relevant to their fields. These essays provide a glimpse of the study of behaviour looking in all directions. History and future aside, it is imperative to broadcast this information from the perspective of the behaviourists who have helped shape both the past and the future. It is important for any field to be both retrospective and prospective: where have we been, where are we going, where are we now? These essays provide a unique personal reflection on the history of animal behaviour from John Alcock, Stuart and Jeanne Altmann, Steve Arnold, Geoff Parker, and Felicity Huntingford. Six topics are reflected on and include: The History of Animal Behavioural Research, Proximate Mechanisms, Development, Adaptation, and Animal Welfare.

Table of Contents

1) Introduction Jeffrey R. Lucas & Leigh W. Simmons. 50 years of Animal Behaviour. 2) The history of behavioural research John Alcock. A textbook history of animal behaviour. Geoff Parker. Behavioural Ecology: natural history as science Stuart A. Altmann & Jeanne Altmann. The transformation of behaviour field studies. Stevan J. Arnold. Too much natural history, or too little? Felicity A. Huntingford. A history of Animal Behaviour by a partial, ignorant and prejudiced ethologist. . 3) Proximate mechanisms Gene Robinson. Genes and social behaviour. John Wingfield. Control of behavioural strategies for capricious environments. Andrew I. Barnes & Linda Partridge. Costing reproduction. 4) Development Patrick Bateson. The promise of behavioural biology. Bennett G. Galef. Making a decision by integrating socially and individually acquired information. Judy Stamps. Behavioural processes affecting development: Tinbergen’s fourth question comes of age. Meredith J. West, Andrew P. King, & David J. White. The case for developmental ecology. 5) Adaptation Patricia Adair Gowaty. Beyond extra-pair paternity: individual constraints, fitness components, and social mating systems Malte Andersson. Interplay between theory and empiricism in sexual selection. Amotz Zahavi. Indirect selection and individual selection in sociobiology: my personal views on theories of social behaviour. Michael Greenfield. Honesty and deception in animal signals. P. J. B. Slater. Fifty years of bird song research: a case study in animal behaviour. Roswitha Wiltschko & Wolfgang Wiltschko. Avian navigation: from historical to modern concepts. 6) Animal Welfare Marian Dawkins. Behaviour and animal welfare.