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Elementary Vectors


Author: E. Œ. Wolstenholme

Publisher: Pergamon

Publish Date: 1st January 1978

ISBN-13: 9781483138435

Pages: 128

Language: English



Elementary Vectors, Third Edition serves as an introductory course in vector analysis and is intended to present the theoretical and application aspects of vectors. The book covers topics that rigorously explain and provide definitions, principles, equations, and methods in vector analysis. Applications of vector methods to simple kinematical and dynamical problems; central forces and orbits; and solutions to geometrical problems are discussed as well. This edition of the text also provides an appendix, intended for students, which the author hopes to bridge the gap between theory and application in the real world. The text will be a superb reference material for students of higher mathematics, physics, and engineering.

Table of Contents

Preface to Third Edition Chapter I. Definitions; Addition and Subtraction of Vectors; Multiplication of a Vector by a Real Number; Applications to Statistical Problems; Position Vectors; Distance between Two Points; Direction Cosines and Direction Ratios; Applications to Geometrical Problems Chapter II. Scalar and Vector Products of Two Vectors; Vector Area; Scalar and Vector Triple Products Chapter III. Differentiation and Integration of Vectors Chapter IV. Application of Vector Methods to Simple Kinematical and Dynamical Problems Concerning the Motion of a Particle Chapter V. Central Forces and Orbits Chapter VI. Equation of a Straight Line; Equation of a Plane; Geometrical Problems Chapter VII. Parametric Equations of Curves and Curved Surfaces Appendix Answers Index