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Author: Author Unknown

Publisher: Elsevier Science

Publish Date: 19th June 1991

ISBN-13: 9780444599940


Language: English



Catalogue of Palaearctic Diptera, Volume 7: Dolichopodidae-Platypezidae offers information on family Dolichopodidae and family Platypezidae, including type-species designation, authors, and proposed names.The catalogue first elaborates on family Dolichopodidae, including subfamily Sciapodinae, Rhaphiinae, Peloropeodinae, Diaphorinae, Hydrophorinae, and Peloropeodinae. The book then examines family Lonchopteridae and family Phoridae. Topics include Dohrniphora, Megaselia, Chaetopleurophora, Gymnophora, Beckerina, and Aenigmatias. The book takes a look at family Opetiidae and family Platypezidae, as well as subfamily Microsaniinae, subfamily Callomyiinae, and subfamily Platypezinae.The catalogue is a valuable source of information for researchers interested in family Dolichopodidae and family Platypezidae.

Table of Contents

Explication to distribution. Type-species designation in this catalogue. Authors and the addresses. Families. Dolichopodidae (O.P. Negrobov). Lonchopteridae (H. Andersson). Phoridae (R.H.L. Disney). Opetiidae (P.J. Chandler). Platypezidae (P.J. Chandler). Bibliography. Index.