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Designer’s Guide to the Cypress PSoC


Author: Robert Ashby

Publisher: Newnes

Publish Date: 28th July 2005

ISBN-13: 9780080477145

Pages: 272

Language: English



This it the first technical reference book available on the PSoC, and it offers the most comprehensive combination of technical data, example code, and descriptive prose you’ll find anywhere.Embedded design expert Robert Ashby will guide you through the entire PSoC world, providing thorough coverage of device feature, design, programming and development of the software-reconfigurable PSoC. He shares his best tips, tricks, and techniques that will help you to utilize the flexible and inexpensive PSoC to its greatest potential, with a minimum of heartaches and late nights.With its emphasis on designing for adaptability – a feature of the utmost importance in today’s fast-paced and cost-pressured design cycles – this book will bring you up to speed quickly on everything PSoC, from memory management to interconnects. You will add brains and capable signal conditioning to a design with one chip, giving you extreme flexibility for a relatively low price. Specific application examples highlighting the PSoC’s unique capabilities are included throughout the text, with the supporting sample source code.

Table of Contents

ForewordAcknowledgmentsWhat’s New with PSoC?What’s On The Companion WebsiteIntroduction to Microcontroller BasicsChapter 1: Why Use the Cypress PSoC?Chapter 2: Structure of the PSoCChapter 3: PSoC DesignerChapter 4: Improvements of the PSoCChapter 5: Limitations of the PSoCChapter 6: PSoC ModulesChapter 7: InterconnectsChapter 8: PSoC Memory ManagementChapter 9: Multiple ConfigurationsChapter 10: Project PruningChapter 11: Design TipsChapter 12: PSoC ExpressAppendix A: Global ResourcesAppendix B: Project WalkthroughAppendix C: Limited Analog SystemAbout the AuthorIndex