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Consumers Guide to Cell Phones and Wireless Service Plans


Author: Syngress

Publisher: Syngress

Publish Date: 19th December 2001

ISBN-13: 9780080547008

Pages: 256

Language: English



Choosing the right mobile phone and service plan can be overwhelming, particularly if you travel abroad – this truly international guide is ideal for the mobile executive Experts estimate that by 2005 there will be over 1.26 billion wireless phone users around the world. (Source: Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association). It’s overwhelming to think of the options available to the consumer when it comes to buying mobile phones, phone accessories, and service plans. So many people are confused by the myriad of wireless phone claims, the endless advertised rates and the countless service plans with all their options. The Consumer’s Guide to Cell Phones is designed to help consumers choose what program may best suit them. This book helps streamline the wireless-buying process by providing a complete listing of all wireless providers and the details of their plans. International listings cover USA, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. As an example, in Ireland there is coverage of Digiphone and other plans, in Australia of Telstra, in the UK Cellnet, Orange, etc.

Table of Contents