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Condition Assessment of Aged Structures


Author: J K PaikR E Melchers

Publisher: Woodhead Publishing

Publish Date: 20th October 2008

ISBN-13: 9781845695217

Pages: 552

Language: English



Any structural system in service is subject to age-related deterioration, leading to potential concerns regarding maintenance, health & safety, environmental and economic implications. Condition assessment of aged structures is an invaluable, single source of information on structural assessment techniques for marine and land-based structures such as ships, offshore installations, industrial plant and buildings. Topics covered include:

Table of Contents

Part 1 Current practices: Current practices in condition assessment of aged ships and floating offshore structures; Current practices in condition assessment of aged fixed-type offshore structures; Definition and assessment of deficiencies in building construction. Part 2 Mechanisms, mathematical models and preventive measures for age-related deterioration: Corrosion wastage in aged structures; Fatigue cracking in aged structures; Local denting and other deterioration in aged structures. Part 3 Residual strength of aged structures: Corroded structures and residual strength; Cracked structures and residual strength; Dented structures and residual strength. Part 4 Reliability of aged structures: Reliability of aged ship structures; Reliability of aged offshore structures; Reliability of aged land-based structures. Part 5 Inspection and maintenance: Inspection of aged ships and offshore structures; Inspection of aged land-based structures; Maintenance of aged ships and offshore structures; Maintenance of aged land-based structures; Risk-based inspection and maintenance of aged structures.