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Cognition and Instruction


Author: Ronna DillonRobert Sternberg

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 1st May 1988

ISBN-13: 9780080885834

Pages: 390

Language: English



Cognition and Instruction focuses on the relationship of knowledge acquisition processes with instruction, including reading, writing, mathematics, curriculum design and reform, and reasoning.The selection first takes a look at the issues in cognitive psychology and instruction, reading, and writing. Discussions focus on the processes of knowledge acquisition, cognitive prescriptions for teaching, cognitive components of reading, instruction in reading, distinctive nature of higher order mental activity in written composition, and knowledge-transforming procedures within the general context of higher order skills. The publication also offers information on second language and mathematics.The text ponders on science, social studies, and art. Topics include psychological research related to curriculum design, science curriculum reform, curriculum and instructional components of social studies and social sciences, evidence for individual styles in young children, educational considerations, and concept of style. The text then examines music and reasoning.The selection is a valuable source of data for readers and cognitive psychologists pursuing research on the relationship of cognition and instruction.

Table of Contents

Issues in Cognitive Psychology and Instruction. Reading. Writing. Second Language. Mathematics. Science. Social Studies. Art. Music. Reasoning. Cognition and Instruction: Why the Marriage Sometimes Ends in Divorce. References. Index.