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Cloud Storage Security


Author: Aaron WheelerMichael Winburn

Publisher: Elsevier

Publish Date: 14th July 2015

ISBN-13: 9780128029312

Pages: 144

Language: English



Cloud Storage Security: A Practical Guide introduces and discusses the risks associated with cloud-based data storage from a security and privacy perspective. Gain an in-depth understanding of the risks and benefits of cloud storage illustrated using a Use-Case methodology. The authors also provide a checklist that enables the user, as well as the enterprise practitioner to evaluate what security and privacy issues need to be considered when using the cloud to store personal and sensitive information.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Data in the Cloud 1.1 Definitions and History 1.2 Privacy and Security Concepts and Issues 1.3 Cloud Storage 1.4 Cloud-Based Data Sharing 1.5 Summary References Chapter 2. Application Data in the Cloud 2.1 Applications 2.2 Cloud Backup Services 2.3 Social Media 2.4 Office Suites 2.5 Health Apps 2.6 Summary References Chapter 3. Privacy Challenges 3.1 Who Wants Your Data? 3.2 Privacy and Security Incidents in the News 3.3 Legal Issues 3.4 Criminals, Authoritarian Governments, and Friends 3.5 Summary References Chapter 4. Compliance 4.1 Legal Responsibility When Handling Other People’s Data 4.2 US Federal Laws and Regulations Affecting Cloud Storage 4.3 Cloud Storage Provider and Compliance 4.4 Laws and Regulations of Other Countries 4.5 Summary References Chapter 5. Privacy Tools 5.1 Two-factor Authentication 5.2 Encrypt Yourself 5.3 Secure Email for Cloud Storage 5.4 Passwords and Encryption Keys 5.5 Pay for Security 5.6 Delete Private Data 5.7 Personal or Distributed Cloud Storage 5.8 Security-as-a-Service 5.9 Summary References Chapter 6. Best Practices 6.1 What are Best Practices? 6.2 Goals and Questions to Ask About Data Stored in the Cloud 6.3 Cloud Data Privacy and Security Checklist 6.4 Summary Reference Chapter 7. The Future of Cloud Data Privacy and Security 7.1 The Best to Expect in the Near Future 7.2 New Technologies and Old Problems References