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Cloud Nucleation


Author: C. Guy Suits

Publisher: Pergamon

Publish Date: 1st January 1962

ISBN-13: 9781483224114

Pages: 620

Language: English



The Collected Works of Irving Langmuir, Volume 11: Cloud Nucleation presents the papers written by Dr. Irving Langmuir on the study of artificial nucleation of clouds to produce precipitation.The compilation provides the study of every possible aspect of cloud and weather modification. This volume contains chapters that are devoted to the discussion of such subjects as the nucleation of clouds with dry ice; the analysis of photographic data showing the effects produced by supercooled clouds with ice nuclei; the production of rain by a chain reaction in cumulus clouds at temperatures above freezing; nucleation of clouds with silver iodide; and basic discoveries underlying weather modification.Meteorologists will find the book interesting and invaluable.

Table of Contents

Foreword Preface Introduction to Volume 11 Part 1. Nucleation of Clouds with Dry Ice (Unpublished) Summary Of Results thus Far Obtained in Artificial Nucleation of Clouds The Analysis of Photographic Data Showing the Effects Produced by Supercooled Clouds with Ice Nuclei Proposed Flight Plans for Cloud Studies The Production of Rain by a Chain Reaction In Cumulus Clouds at Temperatures Above Freezing Studies of the Effects Produced by Dry Ice Seeding Of Stratus Clouds Progress in Cloud Modification by Project Cirrus Cause and Effect Versus Probability in Shower Production A Gamma Pattern Seeding of Stratus Clouds, Flight 52, and a Race Track Pattern Seeding of Stratus Clouds, Flight 53 Results of the Seeding of Cumulus Clouds in New Mexico Studies of Tropical Clouds Part 2. Nucleation of Clouds with Silver Iodide (Unpublished) Final Report, Project Cirrus. Part II. Analysis of the Effects of Periodic Seeding of the Atmosphere with Silver Iodide 1. Basic Discoveries Underlying Weather Modification 2. Seeding of Stratus and Cumulus Clouds 3. Widespread Effects from Seeding of Cumulus Clouds 4. Periodic Silver Iodide Seedings in New Mexico 5. Methods of Evaluating the Significance of the Seven-Day Periodicity In Rainfall 6. The Relation of Rainfall Distribution Functions (Skewness, Persistence, etc.) to the Evaluation of Periodicities 7. The Cumulated Significance of Periodicities in Rainfall Over Large Areas During Five Successive 28-Day Cycles 8. Periodicities in Cloudiness, Winds, Pressures, etc. 9. Periodic Flow of Moisture and Associated Rainfall in Relation to Upper Air Temperatures and the Tropopause Heights 10. Weather Bureau Data on Seven-Day Periodicities in 700-mb Temperatures Over the Northern Hemispheres During Twenty 28-Day Cycles 11. Periodicities Of 700-mb Temperatures—Distribution of Periodic Correlations, CC(28), and the Propagation of their Phases Φ Over the United States, with a Complete Harmonic Analysis of the Data for April 1950 and April 1949 12. Seven-Day Periodicities in Rainfall and the Phase Propagation Over the United States Widespread Control of Weather by Silver Iodide Seeding Appendix I Appendix II