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Chemistry of the O-Glycosidic Bond


Author: A. F. BochkovG. E. ZaikovC. Schuerch

Publisher: Pergamon

Publish Date: 1st January 1979

ISBN-13: 9781483146041

Pages: 220

Language: English



Chemistry of the O-glycosidic Bond: Formation and Cleavage focuses on the compositions, characteristics, formation, and reactions of O-glycosidic bonds, including the synthesis of oligosaccharides and polysaccharides. The publication first offers information on the characteristics and formation of O-glycosidic bonds, as well as the Fischer, Koenigs-Knorr, orthoester, and oxazoline methods. The text also looks at the synthesis of oligosaccharides. Concerns include evaluation of methods of glycosylation from the oligosaccharide synthesis viewpoint; stepwise propagation of oligosaccharide chains; and synthesis of disaccharides and higher oligosaccharides. The manuscript analyzes the synthesis of polysaccharides, including polycondensation, cationic polymerization, and synthesis of branched polysaccharides from linear ones. The book also reviews miscellaneous glycoside synthesis and cleavage of O-glycosidic bonds. Topics include synthesis of sugar anhydrides and aryl glycosides and acid-catalyzed hydrolysis. The text is a dependable reference for readers interested in O-glycosidic bonds.

Table of Contents

Contents Preface 1. General Characteristics of the 0-glycosidic Bond 2. Formation of the O-Glycosidic Bond: General Discussion 3· Synthesis of Oligosaccharides 4· Synthesis of Polysaccharides 5. Miscellaneous Glycoside Syntheses 6· Cleavage of O-Glycosidic Bonds Subject Index