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Cellular Nutrient Utilization and Cancer, Volume 347


Author: David MontroseLorenzo Galluzzi

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 1st September 2019


Pages: 277

Language: English



The IRCMB series has a worldwide readership, maintaining a high standard by publishing invited articles on important and timely topics that are authored by prominent cell and molecular biologists. Sections in this new release include the karyosphere (karyosome) and its peculiar structure of the oocyte nucleus, organoids as models of disease, lipid droplets as organelles, the dark side of apoptosis, interconnections between autophagy and secretion, and the regulation and function of intracellular pressure in cell biology.

Table of Contents

1. Sulfur metabolism and cancerGina DeNicola2. The interplay of genetic drivers of cancer and cellular nutrients to support oncogenesisKristin Kate Brown3. Diet’s impact on nutrient availability for cancer cellsPaolo Ettore4. Nutrients as determinants of redox balance in cancerJacques Pouyssegur5. The role of dietary lipids in colon cancer pathogenesisAshley J. Snider6. The influence of diet on nutrient utilization by cancer cells and immune-surveillanceSemir Beyaz7. Autophagy and cancer metabolismKay Macleod8. One-carbon metabolism and cancerGeoffrey Girnun