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Catalytic Processes Under Unsteady-State Conditions, Volume 43


Author: Y.S. Matros

Publisher: Elsevier Science

Publish Date: 1st December 1988

ISBN-13: 9780080960760

Pages: 402

Language: English



This book deals with catalytic processes under forced non-steady-state conditions. It demonstrates, both theoretically and practically, that forced non-steady-state processes are highly efficient compared with steady-state processes, and illustrates this with a wealth of practical examples.The first part of the book describes the theoretical and experimental basis of efficient processes, mathematical models of non-steady-state processes in reactors, influence of a non-steady-state catalyst surface, problems of optimization, the theory of a heat front in the fixed catalyst bed, and methods to create efficient cyclic regimes. The second part considers the following processes: sulphur dioxide oxidation in sulphuric acid production, cleaning of effluent gases from toxic impurities, production of high-potency heat, ammonia and methanol synthesis etc.The book will appeal to many readers: chemical engineers (especially in the field of mathematical modelling of reactors with a fixed catalyst bed); personnel of chemical plants and machine-manufacturing companies dealing with maintenance and installation of catalytic reactors; specialists in detoxification of the effluents from organic admixtures and carbon monoxide; students of technical colleges and universities

Table of Contents

Reaction Performance in the Catalyst Unsteady State. 2. Dynamic Properties of Contact Apparatus. 3. Reversal of the Reaction Mixture Flow in the Fixed Catalyst Bed. 4. Reaction Control by Means of Variation of the Inlet Parameters. 5. Performance of Catalytic Processes in the Formation and Propagation of a Heat Wave. 6. Purification of Effluent Industrial Gases from Organic Substances and Carbon Monoxide. 7. Non-Steady-State Method for Sulphur Dioxide Oxidation in Sulphuric Acid Production. 8. Production of High-Potency Heat from Slightly Concentrated Gases in the Non-Steady-State Regime. 9. Ammonia, Methanol and Sulphur Production Under Non-Steady-State Conditions. Future Prospects. Index.